About Us

Sheva Thai Spa has established itself globally by bringing authentic royal Thai treatments to the Western world. With a focus on five star service, our mission is to provide an exclusive, one of a kind experience to each client we welcome into our treatment space.

All of our therapists are extensively trained in traditional Thai spa treatments, using only the finest in essential oils and ingredients throughout each service. Treatments are fully customized to fit individual needs with a strong emphasis on wellness and relaxation.

Our beautifully curated Manhattan location has been uniquely designed using a combination of visual sophistication, Zen-like ambiance and soothing olfactory sensations that transport our guests into a world of prestigious rituals fit for royalty.

Our Story

Sheva Thai Spa was born in Tel Aviv’s luxurious Hilton Hotel as a result of the vision of spa owner, Naomi Hurvitz and her dedication to bring royal Thai culture to Israel. As a native of Thailand, her true appreciation for the rituals associated with her culture has sent Naomi on an extensive journey to provide the Western world with Thai royalty and luxury.

This journey resulted in the “Sheva Spa” and a new way of life. With exclusive five star service, Sheva Thai Spa has gained global accolades for providing the very best in holistic mind and body Thai treatments.

Our newest location, in the heart of Manhattan’s Midtown district is an exciting step towards bringing the beauty and tranquility of Thai culture to one of the most sophisticated and fast paced audiences in the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the beautiful authenticity of royal Thai treatments to the Western world. With a focus on self-care and wellness, our goal is to provide luxurious treatments that can be enjoyed by our busiest of clientele, as well as those who want to fully commit to the prestigious relaxation they deserve.

Our dedication to the mind-body balance can be customized to each and every client we have the pleasure of treating.

Our Philosophy

Nourishing the mind and the body through the ancient art of serenity. At Sheva Thai Spa, our belief is that in order to attain one’s full potential there must be a harmonious balance of mind and body at all times.

While modern living has steered us away from the simplistic lifestyle that allows for the ultimate self-care, we believe that many of the rituals associated with this mindset can be integrated into city life.

Our philosophy is that by providing access to these ancient self-rejuvenating rituals, our clients will be inspired to seek and nurture their mind-body balance, allowing them to achieve their full potential.